Marathon guides take you to your goal – for beginners and experts

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If you want to apply to the marathon guiding service, Saturday 15.09.18, 10:30 a.m. Brandenburger Tor, Rollerblade booth.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand, ‘Experts’ marathon guides can show you the way. Our guides offer the tips you need to race effectively in groups, including how improve your time through drafting, and how to stay on target with your desired marathon time. 
Being put in the right group is critically important for your success and it all starts with an honest self-assessment!

Information for Berlin 15.09.18 participants

45th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON "More than a race" 

Who is this service ideal for?
Some want to break their previous personal best time and some want to catch up to the team. Others may have never taken part in an inline marathon before and would value expert advise on how to prepare. Note that for us to put you in the best group for you, we request that you fill out the self-assessment honestly before registering.


Marathon Guides provide you:
- Tips and hints to reach your goal safely
- How you find the right pace for you as part of a team
- How you have more fun skating in a group

We focus on what really matters to you: How to complete the marathon in your desired time?


Help for a better self-assessment
Do you often skate a similar distance? We can find out your estimated finishing time through the Marsh table. The March table will provide some guidance but in a race, you have to expect the unexpected. If you do not feel comfortable in the group you are initially assigned to, we can always change you to another group later.


What does the marathon guide service include?
For 30 euros you get:
- Introductory session prior to the start
- Guide through the Marathon
- 1 high-quality, functional participants jersey
- 1 bottle
- 1 energy bar


Registration and collection of documents:
Register via our website: A pack will be provided for each participant including a participant jersey, a water bottle and energy bars. Remember, you are responsible for keeping your starting number and the chip.


Further tips:
Introductory training before the marathon:
This "Marathon Guide” meeting is a "must" for all those who have not completed the marathon before. We discuss important details, practice skating in a group and clear up any questions you may have. You will find that you will learn more by talking in a group than by talking to individuals. 


Tips for Marathon Guide Service:
- Decide on the right group for you. Be honest with yourself!
- Improve by rising with the group!
- Stick to a steady pace that matches your skating stride!
- When racing to achieve your desired time, your pulse should not exceed 90-95% of your maximum heart rate and not exceed 80-90% of your maximum heart rate when drafting!
- Please pay attention to the Marathon Guide’s instructions!


Meeting: Saturday 11am, 15/09/18, Experts/Rollerblade tent at the Brandenburg Gate 


Each participant will also receive a separate confirmation e-mail with further information on the venue and tips for the day.

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Marathon Guide - video

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