A perfect combination of training, skating fun, limit test and euphoric moments
Nicht oft verspüre ich den Drang, mir in den Hintern zu treten. After I visited your camp for the first time in November 2019, I regret that I didn’t discover it twenty years ago! It took me a long time to process all the great impressions I brought home from Cyprus. It was really a great time, in every respect: the participants, the trainers, the atmosphere, the conversations, the technical training, the location, the skate routes, the organization and the weather. You set the framework for a perfect combination of training, skating fun, limit test and euphoric moments. With the olive harvest a dream came true, how did you know! Will come again! (by Jess Ralston)
Energy, joy and enthusiasm shape the Anniversary XX
From a static point of view, my concerns grew with each additional building made of couches, because they became bigger, higher and more daring in construction and stability. They are simply stacked on top of each other without any aids. Especially the “XX” appears visually simple, but statically it is the most demanding structure of all. Hats off, you did a great job. The buildings reflect the energy, joy and enthusiasm within these camps. Creating something crazy together, which may not be comprehensible to outsiders, but feels just great for us, right here and right now. Even though I was worried about the people up there on the unstable system a few times during the construction. Someone once said: “Playful building of castles in the air is the fertile earth from which the seeds of reality swell. From castles in the air arise the palaces of the earth”. I think that goes with it. (by Dörthe Schulze-Berge)
Surfing on the streets of Cyprus

The perfect feeling of freedom. The feeling of using absolutely no energy – just surfing over the asphalt on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Using the body – the shifting of weight – to generate the speed. Cruising with minimal effort. The skates simply roll silently and smoothly on a perfect surface. With the perfect and relaxed conditions in Aldiana Cyprus the focus can be 100% on getting better on the skates. The Expert Coaches are so dedicated. They simply love to skate. They love to give feedback on how to improve. (von Lis Foldager)

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