Experts in Speed: Growth together!

For more than 20 years Experts in Speed has been organising inline training camps at home and abroad, working in small groups in workshops and accompanying participants in the BMW-BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating in the realisation of their dreams.

Easy to understand and implement technical exercises, coupled with a proven form of motion analysis (mirror training) are the guarantee for noticeable training success. Experts in Speed, for example, guarantees the optimization of the previous best time in an inline marathon while consistently implementing the learned technique.

Alex Bastidas

His South American temperament gets all Skaters to Salsa. Strong legs that are not only fast but also look great on a calender sheet.

Ariane Pipke

The one who knows the EXPERTS shop in every little detail. A sportive and passionate outdoor lover who is always in for some fun.

Barbara Hummel

The graceful and charming Salsa Queen: Bringing the whole Cappuccino group safely across the island.

Flurina Heim

The Swiss made smart and fast lady who loves to explore. Mountains, streets and seas are her home, join the ride and roll with her.

Ingo Monse

A calm force, the spine of the coaching team. A character that is not to miss. Dry humor is his signature move.

Isaak Papadopoulos

And of course we shouldn’t miss the man with the eye for the special moments. He belongs to our camp like the Sirtaki to the famous sauna performance.

Jenny Lindner

A little energy ball full of inspiring ideas. For her, no way is too far, no task too complicated: Our lovely Berlina.

Nina Spilger

The charming creative energy bundle, always ready for a good talk on wheels and making the participants smile.

Miriam Biere

From Biathlon to skating princess, a long time coach with a passion for all kind of sports and an ear for all participants. Joy is her second name.

Patrick Valot

From a long time participant to one of our most passionate coaches: He comes from the Swiss mountains and has a French beating heart.

Ronja Heim

Not only a bandits daughter, but also a joyful sportslady. Swiss skating skills meet empathic coaching.

Sabrina Rossow

The powerful and lovely downhill queen who gets the fastest man to sweat: Her hymn: „Ain’t no mountain high enough…“

Sebastian Baumgartner

The heart and soul of EXPERTS. Always up for some new challenges, from camera stick to mirror bus. Spoon Me, Finding Balance and just loving to share his passion.

Sören Lindner

A tall man full of surprising energy and passion on skates. As fit in skating techniques as on the disco’s dancefloor,

Steffi Pipke

The founding lady that always believed in the magic of Experts. Holding the pack together, endurance is her second name.

Thomas Collin

Please welcome our Danish dynamite. Fun on skates is his ultimate good. Rocket Maaaan!

Urs Hochstrasser

A world explorer who never forgets where his heart belongs to. A coach for streets and dancefloors.

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