Marathon Guiding Service FollowMe

Whether you are a newcomer or have been around a long time, the Experts Marathon Guides will support you during your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. They will give you advice, help you with group formation in order to ride in the slipstream, and will always keep track of time so that you reach your intended target time.

Target group of the Marathon Guiding Service?

  • It is your first inline skating marathon
  • You would like to join a suitable group
  • You are on your way to achieve your personal record

How do I find a suitable group?

  • Skate regularly on a familiar route
  • Skate alone or in a group with friends
  • Strengthen your ability to self-reflect and develop a feeling for speed and time
  • The following schedule will help you

In case you happen to not feel comfortable in the group you registered for during training on the event day in Berlin, it is still possible to change to another group.

The success depends primarily on the interaction within the group. Thus, we highly recommend to take part in the introductory training on event day. Here, you practice skating at the same pace in your group through to use of commands to interact with each other.


The price of 30 euros includes:

  • Efficient training tips to optimize your success
  • An introductory training with your FollowMe guide and your group on race day
  • Guiding you through the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline skating in a group
  • 1 exclusive and high-quality participant functional shirt
  • 1 drinking bottle
  • 1 energy bar

Seize the chance today and get a slot for your desired target time and group!


Race number BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline skating
– You only receive your number at the “Berlin Vital” sport and health exhibition

Participation package and FollowMeintroductory training
– Meeting point: Saturday September 28, 2019 at 11 am in the Inline Village at the Brandenburg Gate
– Duration of the training until approximately 1 pm

One week before the event, every registered participant will receive further information concerning the schedule on-site.



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