Predicted events 2021:

<68th Experts Inline Camp Cyprus (March)
Traditionally, there will also be another offer for the spring, in this case in cooperation with the (E-Hotel in Pervolia).

69th Experts Inline Camp Geisingen (April)
The announcement will be made after the event in November, when we have gained further experience. The time for this camp will be chosen in coordination with the Arena Geisingen.

Experts Inline Camp Scandinavia (June)
For a long weekend we meet in Scandinavia. Together with the Danes, Swedes and Norwegians we will spend an exhilarating weekend at solstice.

<70th Experts Inline Camp Cyprus (November)
Enjoy with us the end of the season in Cyprus. In the former clubhouse of Aldiana, then Robinson, we will skate together for a week, laugh and strengthen ourselves for the winter.

Tenders will be subject to current travel regulations, but in 2020.

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