Dear Experts friends, fans and guests,

the health and well-being of our guests is close to our hearts for this reason we have summarized the most important points that traveling in the times of Covid-19 connects.

The Experts Coaching Team is informed daily about the changing rice conditions and also exchanges information with our local partners. Nevertheless we ask you to inform yourself on the relevant information portals.

1. Refund of payments made to Experts:
If the trip cannot be carried out due to an extended travel warning, curfew or known border closures, we will refund all payments already made.
Regardless of Covid-19, we recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance.

2. Flight bookings
However, we cannot assume any liability or repayment obligations for the flights you have booked, so you would have to contact the airline exclusively.

3. Travel- and Hygiene regulations of Robinson Club Cyprus:

Here you can find the hygiene regulations of Robinson Club Cyprus

4. Current travel information from the Federal Foreign Office: 

Here you can find daily updated information about traveling to Cyprus

5. Travel information Republic of Cyprus
Here you will find daily updated information directly from the Republic of Cyprus

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